Monday, May 21, 2007

The Joker's Gone... Dark Knight Trailer In December?

Try to revisit the Joker picture and you won't find it. Now the page has been replaced with a simple 'page not found' message... and some hidden text. Highlight the whole page and you'll see a seemingly neverending string of 'ha ha ha'. Mixed in amongst these letters, however, are a few left overs - line them up and you get the message 'see you in December'. Seems like a foregone conclusion, doesn't it?

So, while we're waiting, bookmark the see you in december dot com url (I ran a WHOIS and indeed it has been freshly parked) and keep one eye open at all times.

In other Joker jokes, and likely to be a hoax, I believe, is the MySpace page set up by one 'Mr. Happy' at myspace dot com slash ibelieveinharveydenttoo. Don't friend it and hype some chancer, but keep an open mind and, what the heck, the other eye on this page. You never know.

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