Monday, May 14, 2007

Lars Von Trier Suffering From Depression, All Future Films On Hold

This is, I'm afraid, very bad news.

Talking to a Danish newspaper, Lars von Trier has revealed that all plans for any future films are currently on hold. He's suffring from very serious depression and it has inhibited his ability to write or direct absolutely. He descirbed himself as feleing like "a blank sheet of paper".

Here are some quotes from von Trier in the article, in English:

It's very strange for me, because I've always had at least three projects in my head at one time. You can't make a film and be depressed at the same time. They say that it can take a couple of years to recover after a depression - but let us see. I assume that Antichrist will be my next movie,but right now I don't know.

Von Trier is undoubtedly one of the most important filmmakers in the world, and one of the greatest innovators in the entire history of film. There's a sizeable chance we'll never see another film from him. If that's true, this is a very, very sad day for cinema. There's also quite some likelihood that this will pass. I hope so - if not for us, the audience, then for von Trier himself.


B for Blueberry said...

I heard he's using his depression as a challenge to create something new.
His next movie will be shot in ProzacVision, whith cast and crew working under the effect of the famous antidepressant.

Pete said...

I really do hope he recovers from this for the sake of his own health, but also (I must admit selfishly) for fear that he never completes the 'America' trilogy. Dogville and Manderlay were great films and to leave the series open-ended would be a great disappointment.