Thursday, May 03, 2007

Long Lost Beaver Letter

Here's another reason to love your DVD's super-smooth freeze frame and zoom capabilities: they unlock the secrets of antique Leave it to Beaver episodes.

Dave at Shorpy was watching an episode in which an insert shot of a letter was used. In the original broadcast, there was absolutely no chance a viewer would have time to read the letter, or even a decent sized chunk of it - and I don't care if that reader is Charlie Babbit.

Dave, however, took advantage of his all powerful remote to freeze the letter in its tracks. Here's a little of it:

My Dear Mr. Cleaver

This paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with anything.It is here merely to fill up space. Still, it is words,rather than repeated letters, since the latter might not give the proper appearance, namely, that of an actual note.

For that matter, all of this is nonsense, and the only part of this that is to be read is the last paragraph, which part is the inspired creation of the producers of this very fine series.

If I were you, I'd have clicked over for the thrilling conclusion already.

Later on, I'll be racking my brain to see if there's any more insert shots I can go investigate myself in my DVD collection. Any ideas where to start hunting?


Mart said...

You mean Raymond Babbitt, don't you?

Brendon said...

Isn't that what I said?

I'm no Raymond Babbit, I'm afraid.