Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Michael Caine Is Eric Cla... Er... God

No director or lead has been announced yet, but the English-language film adaptation of Jostein Gaarder's incredibly well-selling Sophie's World is finally picking up steam. This book was the big publishing phenomenon before Harry Potter, and for a book with such lofty ambitions, that was very impressive. I'm still a little astonished at how widely read the book has been.

Michael Caine is apparently to take the role of God in the film. Strikes me as particularly interesting casting. He's still to shoot his stuff for The Dark Knight - won't take up much of his time - so this one could get going very soon. I'd like to know who will play Alberto Knox, Sophie's mentor in the film. This will be the key role for an adult - could this also be Caine?

Obviously, the perfect director for this film would be Terry Gilliam. I dare say he hasn't a hope.

The book was filmed in 1999, in Norway, by Erik Gustavson, though I've no knowledge of this version making it into English speaking territories. A few stills follow, just as a taster of what the new film has to deal with.

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