Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Fingers On The Button Round Edition

I'm in a real hurry. This will have to be quick

- Pics from I Sell the Dead are up at Aint it Cool.

- Cartoon Brew have some details of, and a clip from, Pingwings - the holy grail of British kids' TV. There's a must-buy DVD if ever there was one.

- Collider think an I am Legend trailer is to roll out with Ocean's 13.

- That thing about Shia LaBeouf and Neil Gaiman's Death really wasn't news, you know. We've known since September 2005 that Shia was eyeing the role, I was just reminding you all. He's mentioned it several times in the meantime. The new news was the bit about shooting taking place later this year, and in the UK. And it would be really big news if I could tell you will be playing Didi/Death. But I can't.

- Dennis Iliadis is to direct the remake of Last House on the Left. That probably doesn't tell us anything.

- Some Iron Man on-set footage aired on ET and found its way online.

- Thomas Schlamme is to direct the American Life on Mars remake.

- Iranian officials have declared the jury prize for Persepolis 'Islamophobic'.

- A stage version of All About My Mother is to premiere at The Old Vic later this year. The theatre is also planning a Stephen Fry-penned version of Cinderella for Christmas.

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