Thursday, May 31, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The How Much Can I Get Done Before House Starts Edition

- Doug Jones is blogging the production of Hellboy 2. He reveals that one of his characters, the Angel of Death, is a she and that Anna Walton has been cast as Princess Nuala, seemingly a love interest for Abe Sapien.

- ComingSoon's SuperheroHype 'imprint' have run a very hi-res picture of The Joker as per the USA Today story of a few days back. [EDIT: Link changed. No idea what was wrong last time... worked for me]

- Talking of USA Today, they have a Speed Racer piece with interview quotes and a pic of the Mach 5. Looks fairly authentic to my disinterested eye.

- Apparently, Karen Allen is denying she's even been contacted about Indiana Jones and the Maguffin of Unsafe Stunt Work. Of course, Shia played the same game for a while.

- Similarly, Shwnee Smith is denying she's in Saw 4 but BloodyDisgusting are insisting she is. Is her very appearance a plot twist? Are BloodyDisgusting barking up the wrong tree? Does anybody care about the Saw films anymore? I'll place my chips on a) she is in the film and b) I know I don't care, I'm assuming you're over it all too.

- Barry Lyndon is being left out of the Hi-Def Kubrick box set. Why?

And now, House is on. So I'm off.

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Rickey Henderson said...

FYI, that Dark Knight image is a dead link.

I want to see Casear Romero in all his glory damnit.