Sunday, May 20, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The I've Just Eaten Some Mediocre Pasta Edition

- There's going to be a third season of Masters of Horror. I'm still waiting for season one of Masters of Comedy, Masters of Sci-Fi or Masters of Drama. Imagine that: Steven Soderbergh, Terry Gilliam, Joel and Ethan Coen, Ken Loach, David Mamet, Stephen Frears... directors like those given absolute carte blanche to create whichever 60 minute drama they wish.

- Nathaniel R is hosting video of the recent Hairspray-centric Oprah.

- MoviesOnline have the trailer for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it's in the wrong aspect ratio. No thanks. But it is TV and it might change direction any number of times, and will go through a great deal of writers and directors so it may, perhaps, turn out to be something very strong.

- Mark at badlibrarianship has posted Popbitch's insider info on this season's Dr. Who finale. It goes slightly against the info I've been given, but those popbitches have an incredible track record so I'm fairly confident they're at least close.

- Variety are looking at Working Title's upcoming slate. Some new titles and a whole shedload we already knew about.

- Eran Kolirin's The Band's Visit received a fifteen minute standing ovation at Cannes. It's described as "the story of an Egyptian police band that gets lost on its way to a music festival in Israel and end up stranded in a remote village."

- A great clip of James Randi arguing about Uri Geller has gone up on YouTube today. Shows Don Lane to be quite a sad character.

- Shannyn Sossamon. Stephen Rea, Christopher Lee and Vinnie Jones are appearing in the British crime thriller The Heavy.

- John Simm has signed up to play a prisoner in Michael Winterbottom's Seven Days. The film will take place over five years and that's the shooting schedule too - a few weeks per yer until 2012. Richard Linklater has been shooting his own drip-feed movie for some years now - in fact, he's not due to be done until 2013. That one is likely to be called Boyhood which works fine as the central subject matter is the growth and formative years of a young boy.

- What would The Simpsons look like if they were real people? This link is not for the faint hearted.

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Lake County said...

Are you joking about the fact that you're still waiting for Masters Of Sci-Fi? It starts in July, apparently. It seems to focus on the "Masters" being the authors, instead of the directors.

My favorite sci-fi author has an episode airing, so I've been tracking it.