Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Poland Thinks Tinky Winky Is Gay But So What If He Is Edition

Here's a bunch of links for you - some of which will look mighty familiar to regular film ick readers.

- First familiar story: Johnny Depp may play Alexander Litvinenko. We told you about this in January.

- Second familiar story: Guillermo del Toro is to make a movie of Tom Manning's Runoff. We told you about this in April.

And now some less directly familiar stories.

- Michael Madsen is doubtful about the future of the Sin City franchise. Maybe this is a familiar story after all - I've been doubling my bet on this one never appearing every week or so for the last few months now. Everything I hear tells me we'll be very, very lucky to ever see another Sin City film. I've also been told today that Rodriguez is locked for Land of the Lost (with Will Ferell) as well as the previously announced Barbarella, but I've yet to confirm this with a second source so... watch this space.

- Indiana Jo
nes and the City of Gods starts shooting this week. I found this link at Coming Soon.

- Some pics of Kate Winslet playing dress-up for hubby have appeared online.

- Not everybody is enjoying the guerilla marketing campaign for The Dark Knight.

- A remake of A Tale of Two Sisters is about to start shooting, so why do we know so little?

- Eli Roth slightly misrepresents the BBFC and praises the MPAA.

- BroadwayWorld have gone behind the scenes of the Finding Nemo musical.

- Catweazle (the thinking child's Worzel Gummidge, I feel) is to be a 'major motion picture'. John Henderson is to direct, but Catweazle creator Richard Carpenter is on board in some capacity.

- A Captain Thunder... sorry, Thunder Captain promo reel has popped up online. Don't expect too much.

- No link for this last story, I'm afraid - it appeared in print, but Home Media Magazine have announced that the deleted scenes on the Inland Empire DVD have been edited into a 90 minute parallel story. They also report that Lynch's original cut of the film was nine hours long.

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