Monday, May 07, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - Rapid Fire Typo-Filled Edition

Thank heavens I've now got the services of a proof reader - saves me even looking at the keyboard while I type, eh? These Movie Minesweepers can be really fast and furious now. (Well, I've got a proof reader when he can be bothered, anyway)

Proofed or not, here's a little pile of Movie Minesweeper headlines for you:

- Sylvester Stallone has been pictured on the set of his new John Rambo movie, StalloneZone have the goods

- Money Never Sleeps is to be an Oliver Stone-free sequel to Wall Street. Essentially, the further adventures of Gordon Gecko in B*st*rd Land.

- Bill Birch is to write something called Weekend Warrior, apparently in an attempt to evoke Ghostbusters and maybe make something like that amount of moolah.

- Save the Green Planet's Jang Jun-hwan is directing the sequel to Tazza: The High Rollers. Sadly, this might spell the end for his planned Superhero picture Fartman - which is apparently nothing to do with Howard Stern.

- Studio 60 must be dead - the sets are being torn down. That's always the absolute end of hope, I'm afraid.

- Chris Williams got the American Dog directing gig because his short, Golgo's Guest, impressed John Lasseter.

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