Monday, May 21, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Rushed Edition

A lot of these would have been full stories on another day, a day when I had the time. So take a good gander below.

- Aint it Cool have
announced that Elizabeth Avellan has come onboard Santos as a producer, now that the film is in post. Some risk taking there, Ms. Avellan. You can downloand the trailer in HD or medium sized Quicktime as well as iPod friendly format.

- According to Pink is the New Blog, Eric Idle is planning to sue Dreamworks over Shrek 3. Aren't we all? In Idle's case, it's because they have stolen gags from Holy Grail, without asking, or even indicating in advance. Apparently, these aren't homages - they're cheap attempts to get a laugh from somebody elses material.

- So, that picture of The Joker has been fully de-pixelled and... well, I'm just shrugging to be honest. I don't quite get what they're going for here, and until I see some more, I reserve judgment. Could be interesting, though. Could be good.

- A rare Movie Minesweeper post this one. There's a story going round that The Incredibles 2 is due for release in 2009. The ridiculous claim is that Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Eugene Levy and Steve Martin will be amongst the voice cast. I'm not including a link because I don't want to spread this nonsense any further - but, rest assured, the entire thing is a complete and utter fabrication with no truth in it whatsoever.

- Masters of Horror season 3 is coming... but this time from Lionsgate? Certainly looks like it. I guess that puts paid to the lovely compendium DVDs we've been getting in the UK - but it might mean an injection of fresh talent.

- Collider believe that Mark Forster has been tapped, as they say, to direct the next Bond. I hope not.

- A superb clip from No Country for Old Men is online now. This version is, I believe, unobstructed by logotypes and hype branding.

- Prince Ali will be welcoming Kathryn Bigelow and her Hurt Locker team for a summer shoot in Jordan.

- The NY Times have an obit for Lloyd Alexander, one of my favourite fantasy authors - probably only behind Neil Gaiman and Angela Carter. And Shakespeare, if you'll allow. Here's a quote from the author, circa 1969 - "In whatever guise - our own daily nightmares of war, intolerance, inhumanity; or the struggles of an Assistant Pig-Keeper against the Lord of Death - the problems are agonizingly familiar".

- IESB have outed Brad Bird's live action film as 1906. They been sitting on the news for some time - indeed, we all knew the rumour - but now, they've simply stated it as fact. Which it is.

- Chud have plenty of Indiana Jones 4 rumours, all of which support the City of Gods name - just like I was saying a while back. Now, though, I keep hearing Indiana Jones and the Staff of Moses is the actual title... but Chud have an answer for that too. They believe this is the name of a tie-in videogame only. Hmmm. An announcement must be forthcoming, surely?

- Roman Polanski skipped only the last two minutes of a dull press junket. I commend him for his restraint.

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