Saturday, May 26, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Too Early Edition

- Aint it Cool have some new Transformers posters. They are, essentially, close ups of robot faces.

- A basic outline of the next Hulk film has appeared online.

- Alex Cox has written a piece for The Guardian about film stars turned directors. He doesn't think this can lead to success - and, of course, he doesn't mention Robert Redford anywhere in the piece. Quiz Show alone is living proof that Cox's argument won't stand. He also tears into One Eyed Jacks which is, in fact, really very good indeed. Even Ken Branagh has proven himself to be Cox's equal, if not superior, as a director. And don't get me started on Alex Cox's attempts to act...

- America Olivo is to appear in Iron Man as 'Dubai Beauty' - she says so on her official site. But... who is America Olivo anyway?

- Peter Jackson does a good job of making Halo sound dead but The Dambusters sound great in a new interview.

- Dana Gould's The Last Larry sounds a wee bit like Shaun of the Dead: the Series. More promisingly, he's writing Alternadad about a father trying to stay hip and cool in the eyes of his kids.

- New EU rules might curb the import of some American shows because they're simply too laden with product placement.

- Scorsese seems to be gearing up to shoot Silence in Japan.

- Stephen Susco has found a 'awesome' spoof of The Grudge, perhaps two and a half months too late.

- Two clips from Hostel 2 are up on the MTV Movies Blog, so if you're in the US, you can watch them... me... I just have to imagine. [EDIT: BllodyDisgusting have seven clips, and I can see those ones. Do they include the two MTV snippets?]

- Also at MTV, Daniel Wilson discusses Bro-jitsu.

- Joe Kosinski looks set to direct Logans Run. Bryan Singer has better things to do now, I suppose, than argue with Joel Silver. Previously, Kosinski has directed cut-scenes for video games, including Gears of War. I've seen those ones and... well, I'm not excited about this decision, I can tell you. But then, see... with Joel Silver calling the shots, what was I to expect?

- TVSquad have plenty of info on Heroes season 2. You might even call these bits and pieces spoilers, if you're delicate about that kind of thing.

- The lastest Sound of Young America is an interview with Marty Kroft. It's confirmed that Land of the Lost doesn't yet have a director attached, though Will Ferrel has definitely been cast.

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