Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Musical Written By Pete Townshend, Directed By Terry Gilliam And Starring Johnny Depp?

The Boy Who Heard Music is an 'intensely autobiographical' musical by Pete Townshend that will be receiving it's bizarrely low-key premiere this summer at Vassar College's Powerhouse Theater. Michael Riedel reports on this incongruous debut for the NY Post.

The most interesting detail he shares? That originally, the plan was for the musical to go straight to the silver screen, be directed by Terry Gilliam and to star Johnny Depp. Depp's derailed many a Gilliam project of late, either intentionally or not (let's say not and give him the benefit of the doubt) and I have to wonder if his failure to commit might be why the film version didn't happen.

Or at least, hasn't happened yet. Of course, if The Boy is a smash, the film will surely be back on again. We can only hope that Gilliam is kept in the frame.

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