Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Road To Endor, But Not Venice

Neil Gaiman has reported on his blog that, actually, Beowulf probably won't be at the Venice fest. Shame.

A week ago, or so, Gaiman mentioned a meeting with Guillermo del Toro. I didn't think that alone was necessarily news - del Toro is attached to the Death film as a producer, and they're probably still working on trying to get it moving forward. But then I received a few e-mails on the matter, and realising people were really interested, I started asking around.

Now, this might not come to anything and, frankly, I think the Death explanation is still more likely, but there's some buzz about del Toro coming onboard another Gaiman project as producer. This time, it's an adaptation of the novel The Road to Endor, scripted by Gaiman and Penn Jilette - first mentioned here last November. And indeed it does seem to be the sort of film del Toro would be very interested in - in fact, I expect the rumour to blossom and bloom and become 'news' that del Toro is to direct the film before long, as if he doesn't have enough on his plate. We'll see, however, what actually does become of all of this.

I promise to keep on investigating, bad at it as I am.

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