Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Top 94 Films Adapted From Comic Books

Thanks to Rotten Tomatoes, and their scientific calculators, we now know for sure that there are 93 films based on comic books that have proven more popular with critics than Son of the Mask.

Two of the top 3 films in their 'Comix Worst to Best' list don't feature superheroes, which seems statistically unlikely. Maybe this finally proves there's a widespread critical dislike for spandex wearing neo-mythological poseurs?

Well, perhaps not - Spider-Man 2 is their number one film. And rightly so.

The lowest scoring film that I think is ranked unfairly is the first Garfield, at 91. The second Garfield comes in at 89 - need I say more? Monkeybone, at 85, is the lowest scoring film I actually have in my own DVD collection.

But that's only because I haven't seen the first Garfield on sale yet, right? Ahem.

Art School Confidential comes in exactly one place behind Richie Rich. Do I smell payola, Mr. Rich?


Will said...

Did Spiderman 3 even make the list? ;)

Mark said...

I'm not clicking that "next" button 93 times, tossers. Bollocks to that.