Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Trio Of Frank Darabont Rumours

I've heard three separate Frank Darabont rumours in the past two days or so. Here they all are - the law of averages states that precisely one and a half of them will be false, I suppose - but these do come from (generally) trustworthy sources.

Rumour one: Ben Kingsley is to play Captain Beatty in the upcoming Darabont adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. Shooting is to start towards the end of the year and the script is 'dynamite'. Truffaut used spoken credits to give a flavour of a non-literate world, Darabont intends to go even further.

Rumour two: Darabont is 'in some way' involved in the Tintin trilogy. Either that means he's writing one or more of the films, I'd guess, or he's the missing link, the third director. Or he's producing. Or making the tea. Or they're using his beard as the basis for Captain Haddock's.

Rumour three: amongst the many commentary tracks on the upcoming Blade Runner DVD set is a conversation between Darabont and Ridley Scott.

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