Monday, May 14, 2007

What Will Be On The Blade Runner Special Edition DVD Set?

[EDIT: There's a pic at the bottom now, courtesy of Ezy DVD]

Here's the full spec of the 5-Disc Bladerunner DVD set coming later this year. It comes packaged in a briefcase.

Disc 1 - The Final Cut (2007):
Ridley Scott's definitive new version. Deleted and extended scenes edited into the film, extra dialogue, better - and sometimes just plain new -special effects.

Disc 2 - Three Complete Versions of the film:
The 1982 US Theatrical version

The 1982 International Theatrical version
The1992 "Director’s Cut"

Disc 3 - Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner

A newly minted documentary. Described as "mainstream-friendly yet meaningful". Will cover everything from the birth of Dick's original book to the legacy (that is, rip-offs) of the feature film.

Disc 4 – Bonus Material:
Divided into the categories Inception, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, Release and Legacy.

Disc 5 - Work Print Version & More Bonus Material:
This may include Channel 4's Edge of Bladerunner doc.

Also in the box? A little lenticular image, a model spinner an origami unicorn, some photgraphic prints, a letter from Ridley Scott. Yep - that's right. A letter from Ridley Scott. Not personally to you, but very possibly signed.


Affenheimtheaterbesitzer said...

EzyDVD has a very nice picture of the australian Ultimate Collection:

Too bad they don't accept overseas orders for this thing :(

Anonymous said...


Any news on a speculated release date for this set?


droidguy1119 said...

It has been rumored that Ridley Scott and huge fan Frank Darabont will be sitting down to knock out a commentary, so there either may be unannounced features here or the R1 might be better than this R4 set.

Anonymous said...

This is sticking an ultimate version DVD to us!

Anonymous said...

Great news indeed! What I would like to know is where this information comes from. And where did that Australian site get the info and pics?

Brendon said...

Seems like a few retailers have been receiving info... and passing it on...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ezy DVD have removed the item from their shop. I hope this gets released world-wide, not just Australia 'cos I can't afford airline tickets just to get this set!

Anonymous said...

The info on ezy dvd seems to have ben removed. The mystery! The suspense!

Anonymous said...

So how about a HD dvd or blu ray version

Brendon said...

Both, apparently.

No confirmation on how they'll compare.