Thursday, May 03, 2007

What's The Real Reason Keira Knightley Is Talking About Quitting?

[EDIT: Please note that the title to this post is a question. And that I don't pretend to have an answer. And, yes, while I think Keira looks thin - or at least, in many images - I don't know definitively she needs to put on weight to be 100% healthy. But I would take that bet, sure I would]

Keira Knightly has
apparently told Elle magazine she's toying with the notion of quitting acting alltogether. Her reason? She's being used as a role model by pro-anorexia websites.

Easiest way to sort that, Keira? Bulk up a little. Not only will that stop you being a role model for those suffering from mental illness, you might even become a role model for those trying to escape those shackles.

I can hear the complaints now: she's naturally thin, she's supposed to be like that.

Right. She might be naturally thin, but even for her natural state, she's small. Ask your GP, just conversationally, what the chances are that Keira could be a healthy weight. They'll laugh at the question.

[EDIT: The anonymous comment below suggested the Elle article would answer my questions. It doesn't, really. It gives Keira plenty of space to make her case, and that's only right and she does a pretty good job. But there's not even any suggestion, let alone evidence, that she's a healthy weight. And that means now, not just in the infamous skin-and-bone bikini pictures. Why not all read the article for yourself - page one, two, three - thanks to 'Dangermouse']

I'm frightened that, in fact, Keira simply wants to starve herself in peace. She's getting too many mixed messages, and without fame, and with the little extra-dash of self loathing this stand-down could provide, there's every chance she could clear out those people trying to help her get healthier and she'd pretty soon be in a teeny little grave.

Find me one single medical professional that will back up Keira's claims she's healthy and I'll find you a dictionary to revise your definitions of medical and professional.

Personally, I'd like her to quit acting. Yes, because she's actually being quite a good role model for anorexics - and this whole heap of nonsense is only furthering that - but also because, frankly, she's not much cop.


Anonymous said...

You should read the actual Elle interview. It answers all your objections quite eloquently.

Anonymous said...

It killed my links? I'll try again then.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Anonymous said...

Are you denying that naturally thin people exist at all?
Or is it just this particular woman you choose to believe is a liar suffering from a serious and potentially fatal mental illness which you can then use to have a go at her?

In the statement issued when she sued the Daily Mail, she said that she would "challenge the implication" that she had been lying about having an eating disorder. So she's obviously prepared to prove it in court.

Mark H Wilkinson said...

Brendon, the only way a qualified medical professional could determine whether Knightley's weight was healthy or not would be for them to examine her. Any Doctor who makes guesses based on some pictures in magazines automatically warrants having the substance of their determination questioned, no matter what conclusion they come to.

So, I don't expect to be able to prove you wrong, nor am I interested in doing so. However, I am interested in your apparent belief that an inability to prove you wrong actually makes you right.

I suspect those of us with backgrounds in science or philosophy are having a good giggle at that one...

Brendon said...

No, I obviously believe that people can be naturally thin. See my comment 'she might be naturally thin'? That states that I not only believe people can be naturally thin but also that Keira might in fact be one of those people.

I'm not claiming she's anorexic. Nor am I claiming she has any other eating disorder, or is in any way suffering from mental illness. I'm simply saying that I find it preposterous to claim she always maintains a healthy weight.

I can easily find pictures which show a woman who appears to be, and clearly so, below a healthy threshold.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Brendon said...

I'm not suggesting that I'm right, I'm simply gambling.

I'm putting my chips on a certain number because the evidence - which I admit is not proof - seems overwhelming.

A picture does not provide any solid material for a diagnosis, I know that, of course I do. Except...

Well, a picture of somebody on fire would pretty much negate the need for a thermometer, wouldn't it? A picture would be of no use in a grey area, I admit... but cross that line far enough...

I'm suggesting that, simply put, not many doctors are even going to come forward and say she appears to have a healthy weight.

Want to tidy this up once and for all? Then drag Keira to an independent doctor, not one of her chosing/in her pay/out to make headlines, and have her examined.

Until then, I'm leaving my chips where they are.

I'm gambling, is all. But I'm confident it's a bet I can win big on.

Mark H Wilkinson said...

I can easily find pictures which show a woman who appears to be, and clearly so, below a healthy threshold.

Then find that picture of Keira. (Hint: it's not in the gossip rags in which you seem to place so much trust.)

Want to tidy this up once and for all?

No. See my comment above.

I'm gambling, is all. But I'm confident it's a bet I can win big on.

Your confidence is, as ever, inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Brendon you are evil like a nazi, why have you got to attack skinny people like that?

You suck

Brendon said...

Re: image of Keira. I'm not reading these gossip mags. But I have seen pictures, with my two eyes, that show a very, very thin woman.

Re: 'want to tidy this up', rhetorical and not aimed directly at anyone.

You invoked philosophical viewpoints on this debate: here's another - that there is no empirical proof. At all. And that all we do is place bets. Not sure I buy that, personally, but it is a point of view.

I'm betting that Keira has been photographed while below her healthy weight range. That is all.

Brendon said...

Evil like a nazi? Attacking skinny people?

I'm not either of those things.

I know people can be naturally skinny. I have stated this multiple times. And then a debate has opened. Agree or disagree of you like, here's my proposition.

I think it is probably Keira Knightley has been photographed while below her healthy weight range.

I also propose that, yes, she is a role model for some people with mental illness. And no, I don't in any way hold her responsible for this. And I sympathise with her concerns.

But, well, if she does fade from the public eye, she'll cease to be a role model. Same if she bulks up a little.

Doesn't mean another role model won't come along - there's countless already, anyway. And it won't stop anybody being ill.

Anorexic people are not in any way the responsibility of Keira Knightely. I'd be mad to argue that.

I said that I'm frightened Keira wants to harm herself, albeit unconsiously. Frightened. I'm not even betting on that being true - but FRIGHTENED that it might be.


Keira can put on weight. There's nothing stopping her. If all she wants to do is be a positive role model, then it is an option for her. I'm not even saying she SHOULD take this option. Just that it would be an easy way to reverse one factor in her situation.

Anonymous said...

Nazi? I was wondering how long it would take for Godwin's Law to hit this post.

I guess people are only allowed to ask pleasant questions or the naz... I mean dissenters will bear down.