Monday, June 18, 2007

The Bat-Pod On The Today Show - Now Updated With Direct Download Link

MSN have a clip of the Bat-Pod on this morning's Today show. Get a good look at the vehicle and - if memory serves, I have her name correct - Meredith Viera atop it like Bale's double will have to be.

[EDIT: And thanks to Verbal, you can now directly download this video for the ages. He went awry at first, then sorted it out. Brilliant stuff]


Anonymous said...

Verbal screwed you. Doesn't work.

verbal said...

Damn, anonymous is right, to get that one to work, you need to get its pass in your cache from Dailymotion and then get it from the link.

Here's the flv from MSNBC though.

It was pretty basic Brendon, I don't see how it could trouble you :P