Friday, June 22, 2007

Big Ol' Watchmen Casting And Shooting Story

According to a report on (what I'm told is) a respectable Spanish website - belonging to a broadcaster or newspaper, it seems - at least some of Zack Snyder's Watchmen will shoot in Spain. Why this is, I have no idea, but I'll hazard a guess, and here's what I'm thinking: they'll be shooting material for the Black Freighter there. Seems possible.

Furthermore, the site is also reporting a list of actors that they believe will certainly not be in the film: Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson, Keanu Reeves.

Now, this is contentious stuff. We know Reeves opted out, but Wilson is widely considered to be very much still in the running, and hasn't Snyder hismelf repeatedly claimed that he'll fit Gerard Butler in somewhere?

The story seems to argue that Snyder is going for unknowns to keep the budget aside for other things, but it isn't clear if they've simply extrapolated from this to cross off so many names, or if they know for sure that these actors are out.

Do they really have an inside man or is somebody pulling their leg? Has Snyder had to opt for cheaper actors, lately, to get the money from the studio confirmed?


Uruloki said...

I'm Spanish and all I can say is that the article/new doesn't have authority... nobody signs it. Even though, ABC Diary is one of the principal diaries in Spain, likes El Mundo or El PaĆ­s.

Agustin said...

Butler would make a pretty good Comedian, although there are probably a few actors better suited to the role.