Friday, June 15, 2007

For All Your Dark Tower Needs

An anonymous tell-tale is promising us a whole lot over at their new blog. Excitingly, this is somebody contracted to be involved with the entire Dark Tower series of films, the first of which (they say) begins shooting on 22nd June under director JJ Abrams. If the blogger is good to their promise, they should be an incredibly good source for inside info on the film - and eventual sequels.

I'll give you a taster, but there's more on the blog, so do pop over - and tell them who sent you.

Recently, I was signed in a very secretive project after an obscure audition... this has turned out to be so immensely HUGE, I am absolutely floored by it.

Stephen King's Dark Tower series begins filming on June 22nd at Paramount studios in Hollywood. There are so many details that I do NOT know at this point, but I do know that I am contracted for all of the books/films and it is by far the largest budget film series ever to be produced by Hollywood.

I look forward to sharing the experience as well as tidbits of information with those who may read this.


Don Murphy said...

I call 100% bogus

No announcement, no script, no casting notices, Abrams dealing with pilots.
I call BOGUS

Anonymous said...

Check your sources before you decide to link to them. Matt Reeves has been mentioned as the potential director and Abrams is only involved in a producing capacity. That information is straight from the DGA, the Directors Guild Of America.

Also, Paramount does not have any stages set aside for this production. Ring them to confirm this.

This person is misinformed.

Brendon said...

You have to wonder why somebody would bother.

Brendon said...

Regarding me checking my sources: the '(they say)' pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

This person could be misinformed, or they could just be lying. Time will tell.

Either way, the existence of the blog is the story, and the blog exists, so the story does.

Anonymous said...

I have friends over on the Paramount lot in the effects department, no one has heard anything of this production on that lot.

Very curious to see what news that blogger posts next

***BTW, Don...loved Shoot 'Em Up and eagerly anticipating Transformers. Thanks for the walk down memory lane...***

Fabio said...

And if Cloverfield/Slusho/1-18-08 was really The Dark Tower?