Friday, June 08, 2007

His Master's Voice

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm quite the fan of Terry Gilliam (hence the title of this post). There's a new video interview online in which he discusses Tideland with some Spanish folk, and spills the latest on Dr. Parnassus. Apparently, producers are in Hollywood right now, trying to drum up the dollars and within days, Gilliam will know if he has the greenlight.

Gilliam simply calls them 'his producers' - any idea who they might be?

I dare say Heath Ledger's involvement will make this fundraising initiative somewhat easier. Tom Waits, on the other hand...


Anonymous said...

Thank you ;o)

Wryhta said...

It's great news that Gilliam may get to make a new 'Gilliam' movie (that is, from an original script), but will it be taking us anywhere we havn't been before?