Thursday, June 07, 2007

House's Princess Of Hearts

Jennifer Morrison, House's Dr. Cameron, is currently filming in Luxembourg for Working Title TV's Princess Di 'post-biopic'. Apparently The Murder of Princess Diana is top premiere on the Lifetime channel this August.

Of course, you know which role Morrison has, right? That's it: she's playing an American journalist investigating the accident, trying to decipher the mysterious goings on behind the officially sanctioned version of events. Apparently, the character gets to witness the fatal collision, so I presume some kind of reenactment will be 'necessary'. Step-printed, stroboscopic, highly saturated or stylised however, any sequence like that is bound to draw the same kind of fire as... oh, I dunno... an Eli Roth film, maybe.

So, what's going to prove to be the blip on Morrison's CV? The best American mystery show to not be cancelled this year... or the Diana exploitation cheapie?

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