Monday, June 11, 2007

Humpty Dumpty's Humpty Dumpty Heading To Cinemas

During the troubled production of American History X, director Tony Kaye shot plenty of video footage detailing his struggles to control the film, struggles that are now legendary . Now, he's cutting this video together into a film and, according to The Telegraph, he has a thetrical distributor for the documentary.

The film is called Humpty Dumpty - the name Tony Kaye wanted on the credits in lieu of his own after the film was altered without his input.

There have been several stories, though most of them fairly deep underground, that claimed a director's cut DVD of American History X would see the light of day in 2008, the film's tenth anniversary. That certainly doesn't seem to be the case at the moment, but I know that the rumoured Tony Kaye workprint, similar to the finished film but missing eighteen minutes of studio-enforced material, could easily form the basis of the rescued variation.

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Anonymous said...

I met him once, Tony Kaye. And not in the most pleasent of circumstances either. And perhaps 'met' is a bit too loose a word.

It was outside the Regent Street Apple Store and he asked me what time the thing opened, as it about 5 minutes to doors opening time.

Those of us that had politely queued up were astonished at him then pushing his way in first. The cheeky bastard!

But I out did him in the end! I beat the bugger to the front of the sales queue he was just left talking on his mobile phone, sadly.