Friday, June 29, 2007

Iron Mania

Screenrant adjusted the Iron Man poster to make it look less skewiffy.

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Anonymous said...

I am becoming frightfully concerned with this Iron Man film. Based on it's premise alone I'd say it has the potential to be the most realistic and functional Marvel movie to date and it has a brilliant cast but this lorry is starting to drive on the sidewalk.

I'm just worried about this director. He and I wonder if he'll be able to keep his heading.

Also, the Iron man suit itself is looking terrible. It's a direct translation from page to film and that is never a good thing. If only they could have take some queues from Bryan Hitch's interpretation of the suit. Real-world tech meets iPod aesthetics, how difficult is that.

Also, the marketing is making me cringe with every newly released publicity shot. Giant close-up of Iron man’s angular yellow faceplate with horrible title fonts in corner? Unpleasant.