Thursday, June 14, 2007

Latino Review Have A Look At The Joker's Motor - Updated With Photo

Go take a look. Not what I was expecting, I have to admit. I guess high speed car chases are quite squarely out of the picture, then.

[EDIT: LatinoReview ditched the picture, apparently with no explanation, so here it is, below]

[EDIT: Everybody seems to think it is a fake. Why didn't LatinoReview just leave it in place and 'fess up, then? Are they being wimps?]


Anonymous said...

It's a fan manipulated image. Somebody on the SuperHeroHype forums did it to have a laugh at Latino Review. Expect it to be discredited soon.

James said...

Supposedly the picture was a fake. They took the link away.

I was hoping that wasn't the car. But I don't want him to have a sports car either. As long as it's long as a boat, it'll be alright. And has to look like a pair of his slacks.

Anonymous said...

They did fess up. They replaced the story with a story regarding the new Bat suit. At the end of the story is this:
"Just to update you guys on the clown car posted earlier. Got a shit load of emails saying it was fake."

Brendon said...

So they hid a confession in another story? Why not just put it at the url of the original piece?