Saturday, June 02, 2007

Meet Mr. Nobody

Culture Cafe have the exclusive first look at a few pieces of production artwork and a synopsis for Jaco van Dormael's Mr. Nobody. Here's the beginning of their plot outline:

The present day, more or less. Nemo (Jared Leto) is 35, an ordinary man, married to Elise (Sarah Polley). with three children. But life's tuming strange : billboards flash messages addressed only to him; he passes strangers with his face on the streets; behind the fa├žade of a half-constructed building, he sees helicopters lifting enormous blocks of the ocean...

Nemo wakes to find himself trapped in his car, drowning. He wakes and is shot by an unknown assassin. He wakes again... by a swimmmg pool in the grounds of an opulent mansion. With a new wife and new children.

Again the Gilliam comparison presents itself, as well, perhaps, as Phillip K. Dick and Charlie Kaufmann. And Fellini. And, at a push, Vincenzo Natali. And some would say Alex Proyas.

Well... anyway, van Dormael is his own man, and he's very good. In his own right. And, Leto aside, I'm having very few doubts about this one.


Anonymous said...

To me this sounds like a blatant bite off THEY LIVE, no?

Oscar Pepper said...

Too bad it stars Jared Leto, one of the least convincing and most annoying actors of his generation.

And I think that there is nothing in this synopsis that brings to ming "They Live" save the billboards. Way to read, Anonymous.