Monday, June 18, 2007

More Watchmen Casting Bits And Bobs

This is all according to Drew McWeeny at AintItCool - and he's typically very careful about what he reports, often to the point that loads of great stuff he's fully aware of remains secret for a long time. I'm believing every word of this 100%.

In his new piece, he suggests front runners for the roles of Dr. Manhattan and The Comedian. For the blue guy, he suggests Jason Patric is the front runner; for the funny guy, it seems like Thomas Jane is the pack leader.

I'm a little disappointed that Patric may have taken the role from Billy Crudup, but elated that there isn't a whiff of Keanu Reeves about either of them. As for Jane beating out Ron Perlman and Nathan Fillion... well, he wouldn't be my first choice...

These decisions may be budgetary in some sense. Crudup may cost more than Patric with no more marquee value, the same for Jane over Perlman and Fillion. That's not a bad reasoning method however - films do cost an awful lot of money, you know.


AntoBlueberry said...

I think that Butler is still the front runner for the role of the Comedian if they can arrange his shooting schedule around his other commitments. BTW, do we have news of the Untouchables prequel?
And I just can see the good but too short Jason Patric as Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Jason Patric seems too (forgive me) hairy for Dr. Manhattan. 15 years ago my ideal pick was Lance Henriksen.