Monday, June 04, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The All News All The Time, No Opinion Edition

- Here's a team up for you: a film written and directed by Harold Ramis, produced by Judd Apatow and starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. Throw in Owen Wilson as executive producer and co-writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenerg and you're coming close to the entire opening credits of Year One.

- Also very interesting in the same Variety
piece is the mention of Be Kind, Rewind being released this year.

- SuperheroHype
have Lexi Alexander as the frontrunner for the Punisher 2 job, not John Dahl. That's the Punisher's loss.

- The Friends of English Magic have
seen a nearly complete version of Stardust and... surprise surprise, they loved it.

- Bad Santa/Bad News Bears/Cats and Dogs screenwriters Glenn Ficarra and John Recqua (one out of three 'aint... er... good) have written and are to direct a based-on-a-true-story prison-break film for Luc Besson's Europacorp. I Love You Phillip Morris film is to star Jim Carrey as a married who father who ends up in prison, falls in love with his cellmate and then, once this cellmate is released, breaks out of prison four times to be with him.

- There's still likely to be a GI Joe movie, of course. Why - of course. There's bound to be a film about just about every brandnamed toy eventually.

- Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull is co-founding the first videogame publisher to literally eat, breathe and sleep Hollywood. Not only will Brash Entertainment be Hollywood residents, every game they publish will be licensed from other films, TV and music properties.

- Luke and Jeremy Jackson have received a big shot of publicity by casting Tobin bell in their film Highway 61. I rather liked Bruce McDonald's Highway 61. In fact, I quite like all of the Bruce McDonald films I've seen (Highway 61, Roadkill and Hard Core Logo). He's one of my favourite directors of music-based films (music based in terms of content, not form). Any other Bruce McDonald fans out there?

- Kimberley Elise has been cast as Forrest Whitaker's character's wife in The Great Debaters, Nate Parker as his son.

- Kevin Bacon is to appear in Frost/Nixon as Jack Brennan, Nixon's chief of staff.

- Ginnifer Goodwin, Matthew Perry, Hilary Swank and Ben Foster say direct-to-DVD, I'm afraid. But they're the cast in place for Craig Lucas' Laws of Motion. Best of luck to you all.

- When a news story features both the word Lips and the word Transformers in the title, this isn't what many would be expecting.

- Aimee Mann's soundtrack to Magnolia is the best thing about the whole film. She's written a piece about Sgt. Pepper's for the NYTimes - which prompted me to think... why on earth wasn't Across the Universe slotted in for release on last Friday?

- Ratatouille has wrapped and the good people of Pixar had a party to mark the occaison. Amonsgt the other wrap party business, they found time to watch Lifted, the Wal-E teaser and a featurette on how motion capture was (surprisingly) used in the making of Ratatouille. I found the link at UpcomingPixar.

- Tim Story has given an interview to Blackfilm regarding his Fantastic Four sequel.

- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang herself has reached over half a million dollars at auction.

- I wish the Battlestar Galactica staffers could agree how long they've been planning to wrap up the show after the fourth season.

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