Saturday, June 30, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Application Note Edition

- Merrick discusses the script for the Escape From New York remake at Aint ItCool and makes it sounds utterly redundant, witless and insulting. I'm not sure he agrees, though.

- According to Michael Bay, on his official site, Tom De Santo was barely involved in the creative process behind Transformers and 'treated the set like a theme park' and Don Murphy trashed the script and made Michael 'and the writers feel like a big sh*t pile'. You have to wonder how trustworthy Bay's reportage is - he's been caught out barefaced lying before now.

- Milos Forman isn't directing an Amarillo Slim biopic.

- Kevin Costner is producing The Explorer's Club, a web series that will be animated by the Chiodo brothers.

- WorstPreviews have a picture they claim is from the set of The Wolf Man but... I'm not sure. Yet. Trust me: I like the idea of Mark Romanek being on set, making a new feature film, but my information had this one still in pre-production.

- Director Yam Larans had announced the female lead of his film The Echo on his blog but, curiously, the post disappeared. It's Amelia Warner - maybe he shouldn't have revealed this but, er... too late. The cat is out of the bag.

- Don Bluth has discussed his entire career in a new interview.

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