Friday, June 29, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Bishop Edition

- Jon Favreau is making a cameo in Iron Man, and it was the very last shot of the shoot.

- The Darjeeling Limited is the opening night film of the New York Film Festival.

- A Psycho remake TV series? Yep.

- Randal Kleiser is part of a start-up planning to bring 3D images to mobile devices.

- The odds are in favour of a TMNT sequel, if not the quality of a TMNT sequel.

- Nicholas Sparks' Dear John is to be a feature film, adapted by Jamie Linden and with Channing Tatum attached to star. Okay - but what about John Sullivan's Dear John? You can have that one on me, Mrs. H.

- Uwe Boll has called Postal his 'final statement'. So I assume Far Cry and Bloodrayne 2 and 3 and whatever comes afterwards aren't even supposed to be statements at all.

- Kim Jee-Woon's The Good, The Bad, The Weird (missing an 'and' if you ask me) has changed
financiers mid-production. The new team are CJ Entertainment, also in preproduction on Chan Wook Park's Evil Live.

- Death of a President's Gabriel Range is writing and will direct what sounds like a sort-of-Somersby, sort-of-Six Degrees of Seperation prodigal son drama.

- Mos Def is to produce and star in Bobby Zero. This one's about a social satirist come advertising copywriter (I wonder if he'll have a comic book gossip column too?). I like Mos Def a lot, and if he's that into this film, then I'm very interested.

- George Hickenlooper's next is to be Morning Spy, Evening Spy, an adaptation of the novel about a CIA operative obsessed with hunting down Osama Bin Laden.

- The Conan option has expired at Warners and it seems that New Line are to pick it up next.

- Starbucks are to hawk Arctic Tale in a return for profit points.

- Megan Fox has signed to appear in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

- The Franny K. Stein books are to become animated films.

- Michael Gilvary's spec script Transit has been snapped up by Thousand Words. The premise is simple: a fmaily on a road trip through the desert are hunted by criminals who stashed money in the family's car. Apparently, Gilvary did a recent rewrite on Rendezvous with Rama, which suggests that project might not be as conclusively dead as I had been assuming.

- The inevitable 300 spoof is to be 301: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus Wallace Leonidas, so Gladiator and Braveheart have clearly been tossed into the mix too. Rest assured that Troy is on the hit list also, and I assume a series of completely irrelevent films will be too (Borat again? Pirates of the Caribbean?)

- The Wall Street Journal are cautiously predicting big money success for Ratatouille.

- Cameron Diaz is to star in Richard Kelly's The Box. The film is adapted from Richard Matheson's Button, Button which has already been a Twilight Zone episode (in the 80s comeback series) where Mare Winningham had the role - and the story had been given a more satisfying, less daft ending (if you ask me). I've no idea how Kelly can spin this one out to feature length without making it mightily repetitive.

- Kevin Smith wants unknowns for Red State, which might actually really mean unkowns for once.

- The Hollywood Reporter are only just today covering Pool Rats being set up at Disney, despite the Mouse House registering the appropraite domain name weeks and weeks ago. Sigh.

- Carter Blanchard's spec script Near Death is about.... yep, you guessed it: spooky near death experiences. Fox Searchlight have taken the option.

- Marc Forster is developing, and may direct, Land of Roses. The film will be a drama about Ibrahim Parlak, a real-life Kurdsh Immigrant who campaigned to exonerate a falsely imprisoned terrorist.

- Sid Haig has been confirmed as appearing in the Halloween rehash

- Arthouse Films are to release The Cool School: How Los Angeles Learned to Love Modern Art. Jeff Bridges has narrted the film, which sounds just about perfect.

- The Cloverfield site URL is just redirecting to Paramount's homepage as I write, but any minute now (or hour, or day at least) it is going to go live, probably with a teaser.

- Jonathan Jakubowicz is to direct Queen of the South, all about a female, immigrant drug lord - a prettier Scarface. Apparently, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes are circling the lead role - I'd go for Lopez, personally.

- Arielle Kebble has signed to play one of the titular girls in A Tale of Two Sisters.

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Mark said...

Favreau's cameo - presumably not as Foggy Nelson.

Y'know, Favreau would make a good Dum Dum Dugan to Sam Jackson's Nick Fury.

Just sayin'.