Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Liability Issues Edition

- US readers can preview the first episode of Meadowlands online. The password you'll need is not secret, but it is 'secret'. I found the link at BigScreenLittleScreen.

- According to ShockTilYouDrop, the next Tobe Hooper film is to be called Training Ground. The film is about backpackers being picked off by Al Qaeda terrorists after they steal the plans for a series of attacks on the US. Seriously.

- Guillermo Del Toro has stopped by the message boards at DelToroFilms to spill some details of the Hellboy 2 cast: John Hurt is back for a cameo. Myers is not back. Universal has NOT authorized a brief Kroenen cameo/epilogue - yet. Johann will be played by John Alexander (body) and Tomas Kretschmann (voice). Dougie will play 4 characters. Brian Steele will play 4 characters. Anna Walton is the actress playing Princess Nuala. Luke Goss plays Prince Nuada, Silverlance. Roy Dotrice plays King Balor.

- After 26 years in the same pill-littered ghetto, Pac Man is to have some new mazes to race around.

- Paul Dini has plenty to say about the closure of Warner Bros. Animation.

- Just Jared has pics of Keanu Reeves on the Night Watch set.

- Ever wondered about the real world salaries of fictional characters? Pam from The Office makes about 23,000 a year, for example, in her role as a receptionist.

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