Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Lucky Boy Edition

Remember how I was talking about Neil Gaiman's Death film last week? And I wished for a copy of the script? Well, I got my wish. I've just finished reading it. And while it percolates a little, I'm going to share another Movie Minesweeper links list with you, and then I'll write a review. For me at least, it's all very exciting.

Here are your links.

- Mark Millar has seen the Steve Ditko documentary produced, written and presented by Jonathan Ross. He's called it his favourite documentary ever.

- Howard Stern only last week turned down a brief voice role in the Transformers movie. Quite a fun casting idea, actually - think for a second and you'll know just which robot they wanted him for. His agent's advice on why he shouldn't take the role was seriously flawed. And now we'll probably be left with Opie. Or Anthony.

- Several signed Hostel 2 posters are being auctioned off for charity. I found the link at DreadCentral.

- Michael Bacall has been hired to write the fiction version of Seth Gordon's King of Kong. He's also writing the Scott Pilgrim script for Edgar Wright - or at least he was. Must like his retrogaming, that boy.

- Russell Crowe is to produce - but not appear - in Dolce's Inferno, a fairly standard seeming romantic comedy. According to Variety, "The contemporary romantic comedy concerns a hardnosed L.A. gossip columnist who falls in love and watches his world spin out of control".

- Daniel Craig dropped out of Blindness, now Mark Rufallo is stepping in.

- Variety have quoted Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith at the BAM screening of Son of Rambow. Jennings: All the technical, clever stuff, that is actually from the clever people I asked to do it. I have no idea how it works; Goldsmith: There's 1,400 people here tonight. Can you imagine if we got a bad response? Of course, they did not get a bad response. Son of Rambow is a great, great film - certainly the best I've seen so far this year.

- Eli Roth has a very, very, very big penis. But it's fake.

- The NY Times are weighing up the chances of four potential Sammy Davis Jr. biopics.

- Patrick Stewart is talking up his collaboration with John Logan on a modern-day Merchant of Venice.

- Nikki Finke (unknowingly?) pays tribute to Ray Dennis Steckler in a headline.

- A completely CG trailer for Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery is already online. Download it now.

- A list of films and TV shows set to be hyped at Comic-Con this year has been unveiled. Beowulf, Hellboy 2, Stardust, Sweeney Todd, American Gangster, Where the Wild Things Are, Trick'r Treat and The Strangers are the film ick faves on show.

- Another behind the scene clip from The Golden Compass has shown up.

- Brian Helgeland is doing a rewrite of Nottingham.

- David Poland was appalled by Hostel 2 too.

- Working Title have optioned the documentary Young@Heart with the intent to turn it into a feature film. Basically, it's about a rock group composed of pensioners, something a bit like The Zimmers.

- The trailer for Triangle is online now. I found the link at Twitch.

Now, just a couple of more detailed posts and onto Death. So to speak.

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Mark said...

I was talking to Patrick Stewart in the catering bus of the last X-Men flick about his ideas for the Merchant Of Venice adap. Most of his ideas ended "...and then Portia's clothes fall off, and you can see everything."