Thursday, June 14, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Not Many Mines About Edition

- ShockTillYouDrop have claimed Russel Mulcahy is to direct The Scorpion King 2. I'd take The Scorpion King over either of the other Mummy films, no question - it was cheaper, sure, but also more in tune with it's inner camp. I'll go ahead and speculate that this will be a direct-to-DVD title, synchronised with the release of Rob Cohen's Mummy 3. Which is cruel, because Mulcahy is definitely a better filmmaker than Cohen.

- The Box Collector is to star Margot Kidder and Cabin Fever 2's Michael Bowen.

- Kevin Spacey is done with acting.

- The NYTimes have the best article - I think - on the Academy's newly lax 'Producer' rules.

- Kevin Williamson's Hidden Palms is being rushed to an early conclusion. What happened to the midas touch that made Scream and Dawson's Creek so huge?

- The Virgin 1 chequebook and pen has been busy of late. They snapped up the entire Star Trek TV franchise and The Sarah Connor Chronicles for the UK, as well as commissioning the new series The Real Exorcist. Meanwhile, Channel 4 have plumped for Disney's Dirty Sexy Money.

- John Lithgow is joining the RSC. I love John Lithgow. He needs a really good, big part - on screen. Who's going to create it for him? Will he be an Inglorious Bastard?

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