Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Open All Hours Edition

- The R1 US Bubba Ho-Tep DVD is being reissued, and the disc specs will remain exactly the same. However, the packaging has changed. Yep, just the packaging. Now it looks like a Vegas-era Elvis jumpsuit. Is this just a cynical ploy, or a cynical ploy that is also being used to judge potential interest in Bubba Nosferatu?

- Channel 4 are to import and screen the US sitcom Big Bang Theory.

- Blue Underground are making September 25th Argento day for DVD lovers. They'll be releasing Cat O'Nine Tails, Opera, Stendahl Syndrome and Suspiria. Yep - one more edition of Suspiria will be out before the rights shift over to the Weinsteins.

- And, on the matter of Argento, lots and lots and lots of new Third Mother stills have appeared.

- Some pictures of a big movie set have turned up and the story is this is a set for Indiana Jones and the Polystyrene Stones. Or, maybe not, and they're four the next Mummy. Or a Magnum advert. Who knows? I do (though I'm not alone). They're National Treasure 2 set pics.

- Steven Spielberg is officialy endorsing Hilary Clinton.

- You can watch the entire first epsiode of John From Cincinnati online now. All legal and that - not like the link to Sicko that everybody is passing around.

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