Thursday, June 14, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Snow On The Roof Edition

- Ron Perlman and Barbara Hershey have signed to star in Kenny Golde's Vacuuming the Cat. What on earth is that going to be about?

- John Waters' former agents at CAA quit, so he did too: now he's signed to the William Morris Agency. One of his former CAA agents, Kevin Iwashina, has remained in the family though, and will be producing Fruitcake, Waters next film as a director. According to the same piece, Cry-Baby is en route to Broadway at the moment, also with Iwashina involved. Perhaps it will end up as a movie all over again, ala Hairspray?

- David Goyer is to write and direct an Invisible Man remake-come-sequel for Universal. This one will see the nephew of the original 'badaged one' working for MI5 during the second World War.

- Giuseppe Tornatore's next is to span five decades in the history of one Sicillian village. This has placed his English-language epic Leningrad back on the shelf - again.

- Dave Stewart and The Blue Man Group are creating the soundtrack to an animated film about chimps in space called - you guessed it - Space Chimps. I'd prefer a film about space chimps called Chimps in Space, personally, but I'll settle. With those musical talents attached, this is already looking like quite the odd biscuit. Barry Sonenfeld is producing. The Hollywood Reporter have quite a detailed synopsis: Andy Samberg will play Ham III, the ne'er-do-well grandson of the first chimp astronaut sent into space (loosely based on NASA's real-life space chimp Ham). Seeking to capitalize on the Ham family name, a senator (Stanley Tucci) recruits Ham III to travel through a black hole to a planet where he and his simian colleagues (Cheryl Hines, Patrick Warburton) help rid the local aliens of an evil leader (Jeff Daniels). Kristin Chenoweth will play a helpful alien, and Kenan Thompson will play Ham III's mentor.

- According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justice League of America is far ahead of The Avengers in the race to the box office (I was going to say silver screen as if that's the goal they have in sight, but let's face facts, this is a race to the cash registers, every step of the way). Justice League of America is a laughable title, I'm afraid - and that's only partly the fault of Team America. If you take the Reporter piece at face value, Ant Man is almost certainly to be the next film from Edgar Wright. We'll see.

- Collin Chou has joined the cast of The Forbidden Kingdom.

- The Corkscrew Hill themepark ride is being developed as a 3D animated movie.

- Christine Vachon's Killer Films are to develop TV series.

- The Posh Spice reality show will now not be a series, just a one hour special. I suppose that's a good thing - but no show at all would probably be less of a time waster.

- John Cusack wants to play Dan Dreiberg. I want him to play Dan Dreiberg too. Will Snyder yield to our desires?

- Tarantino has only just wrapped his scene in Sukiyaki Western: Django.

- Fox are adapting R. L Stine's Rotten School and Goosebumps series as feature films. Goosebumps was already a popular TV show, if I recall, but the Rotten School books only date back a couple of years.

- Variety have the first look at the US trailer for No Country for Old Men. Of course, they're presenting it in the incorrect aspect ratio and it looks awful as a result.

- The special features are coming together for the next attempt at a My So Called Life DVD set.

- Is Tobin Bell just playing a dead body in Saw IV? It really is starting to look that way. They'll let him walk and talk in flashbacks, but most of the time, he'll just be on the slab..?

- A projectionist has lost his job for sending an early Fantasic Four 2 review to AintItCool. He says that Fox were behind the suspension.

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So, in other words, Goyer's penning a remake of THE INVISIBLE AGENT...