Saturday, June 16, 2007

Neil Gaiman And Michael Reeves' Interworld Coming To Dreamworks

In between 1996 and 98, Michael Reeves and Neil Gaiman pitched a film around the studios called Interworld. According to Gaiman, their first port of call was Dreamworks. Nobody took the chance, however, so as 98 became 99, Gaiman and Reeves turned their treatment into a novel.

The full story of what happened next is up at Gaiman's blog - but the punchline, I'll tell you now.

Dreamworks have just optioned the novel with an eye to turn it into a feature film - an animated feature film so, according to Dreamworks policy, it will be in 3D. Hurrah.

Well, they took their time but they got there eventually. Why anything and everything with Gaiman involved wasn't being snapped up as late as 1999 I'll never guess.

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