Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Mexico Confusion

So, Indiana Jones and the Far Too Expensive Dad is to film in New Mexico. That makes, sense, right, because we're told that the film features a sequence in Area 51 which is, of course on New Mexico. But.. what's this? The preperation at the location is looking very un-Area 51 indeed.

People are now talking about New Mexico standing in for Morocco. Is this a clever bit of dual-usage for the area? Is the Area 51 business just a load of hokum? Or is it Morocco that is the smoke screen?


migrainefarm said...

I'm pretty sure "Area 51" is near Groom Lake, Nevada.

Brendon said...

In my ignorance, I actually thought the base was in Roswell. A short bit of research and I see that, yes, you're completely right. I'm notoriously awful at the blue Trivial Pursuit cards.

The aliens crashed in New Mexico, but were taken to Nevada. Allegedly.

Adam said...

They were taken to Dayton, Ohio. Allegedly.
Specifically, Hangar 13 on Wright-Patterson AFB.

Groom Lake wasn't established until decades later.