Thursday, June 28, 2007

Par Bleu! More Ratatouille Goodness

Disney-Pixar Productions has alerted us to some Ratatouille goodness for you all, via YouTube. Enjoy!

Two are rough animation workouts, both starring Emile the rat: Emile's Workout and Emile's Magic Trick

Very cute. I can't say I'm too keen to see this movie (I'm much more excited for a certain little robot) but I do love chubby rats.

[EDIT: I, on the other hand, simply cannot wait - Brendon]

There's also 9 minutes of the film that you can watch here to whet your appetite.

Depending how hungry you are, YouTube has plenty more tasty videos to keep you satisfied until the main course is released on June 29th.

And if that isn't enough, Disney has also put up an enormous collection of movie stills for you to feast your eyes upon.

(I really didn't mean to make so many dining references, but it just happened. But given that culinary title that I still can't spell, it seems appropriate.)

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Logan said...

you starting to write in french ! Good ^^

Je suis curieux de voir l'actualité ciné en Francais ^^