Sunday, June 24, 2007

Producer Pledges Two More Kill Bill Installments

According to E. Bennet Walsh, an Executive Producer of Kill Bill, Tarantino has formulated the plots for two sequels and may be heading back to China to film them.

Part 3 would revolve around the revenge of two members of the Crazy 88s. Part 4 would focus on the daughters of Beatrix Kiddo and Vernita Green getting square, as was previously rumoured. Some even claim that the (previously unrevealed) daughters of Elle Driver and Gogo Yubari would also feature.

Now, I've heard about both of these plots, on the grapevine, chewing the fat with fellow Tarantino fans, scouring messageboards and the like, and it's good to hear them become at least semi-official, but... well, while I'm sure Tarantino has these stories in mind, and may even have any number of script pages, I'm doubtful that full screenplays have been completed. Even moreso, I'm a little sceptical about these films ever making it into production. Tarantino has far too much on his plate and I can't see these sequels being top priority.

All the same, whatever he goes on to make next I'll be here, eagerly awaiting.


Mark said...

Heard once upon a time that Tarantino considered doing these plots as animations or comics.

Brendon said...

That was the talk for a long time. Then it wasn't. Then it was a again.

Who knows what will happen? I'd like live action films, if appropriate.

Because I like live action films.

But I'll settle for either of the others.

Anonymous said...

Almost reminds me of the "Vega Brothers." Kill Bill is a great piece, but I'd like to see him go new directions.

Anonymous said...

He should just do one more (Kiddo vs. Green) and leave it at that. I don't want to see a movie about someone avenging a slain Crazy 88.

One movie set in the future featuring Venita's daughter going after Uma and then coming face to face with her fully-trained daughter would be fun.

I do not want to see a movie with Sophie Fatale's daughter and Gogo's daughter and Elle Driver's daughter and whoever else's daughter reenacting the first two movies.

Anonymous said...

In addition to Inglorious Bastards (with a 6 hr. screenplay) and his remake of Come Drink With Me, when is he planning on making these films? Before? After? In-between? 2008? 2045? I'd love to see these films he proposed, I just can't imagine when they'll ever come to light.

Anonymous said...

He'll do them in 10 years. He'll wait for The Bride's daughter to reach her late teens.