Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sam Raimi Selects His Spider-Man 4 Villains

Sam Raimi has revealed the two villains he'd want for Spider-Man 4... not that he's agreed to direct the film.

Indeed, most signs point to him departing the series: a number of projects in quiet development, that tempting Hobbit offer, his casual chat about Spider-Man 4 as if there's no point in him keeping secrets... or maybe this chat is his way of exerting some control.

Raimi pledges to return only if Sony find 'a great story' for the next Spider-Man installment. This essentially means that he's waiting to see what the studio wants before inking - not like last time, where Venom was essentially forced on him. If they want Sam, they're going to have to have a premise he can invest in.

His two choices, by the way, are The Vulture and Electro, or 'maybe even The Sinister Six as a team'.

So, what of all this Lizard set-up in the prior chapters?

"The Lizard is probably one of my favorite characters but [Spider-Man 4] will probably have to start with the central journey of the main character to arrive at the proper villain."

Expect Sony to try and get their ducks in a row by early next year.


Rickey Henderson said...

Larry David for the Vulture!

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't even think about the Sinister Six since he's already killed most of it's members.

williamjutsum said...

After the awfulness of Spidey 3 I'd be surprised if they want him back at the helm again. (Yes Brendon, I know it wasn't completely his fault).

Incidentally, did I miss your Spiderman 3 review? ;)