Monday, June 11, 2007

The Tarantino DVD Avalanche And The Weinstein Tug Of Love

There's buzzing going on. First of all, it seems that a date has been proposed for the release of Kill Bill: the Whole Bloody Affair, the much sought-after single-movie cut. Secondly, it seems that Death Proof and Planet Terror are being seperated from one another for the first-wave DVD release, if not for all time. Thirdly, that Bob and Harvey might be playing favourites between Quentin and Robert and that's leading to all kinds of discord.

Here's the rumours, one by one.

Whole Bloody Affair is finally due for release later this year. Quite soon, in fact: September 18th. It's going direct to DVD as a 4-disc set. The film will be split across two discs which, to some at least, will strongly dilute the promised 'single film' nature of the enterprise (there are already arguments that this effectively renders it two films, that the changing of the discs is going to cause a break in the flow, no matter that the cut is designed to work best for a single sitting). The other 2-discs are to be stuffed to the gills with behind the scenes materials, of course, but we can apparently also expect material on the film's many predecessors, including a selection of trailers for half-forgotten 'classics'.

Interestingly, September 18th seems to be the release date for Death Proof on DVD also. There's to be two discs - the original double feature edit on one, the extended cut on the other (though, apparently, not exactly the same as the Cannes version). That these two dates are the same either means a big Tarantino push is coming from the Weinsteins or, simply, somebody got confused somewhere along the line and some of this just isn't true. The rumour has come at me from more than one direction, however... so we'll see...

As for the love triangle (quadrangle?) between the Weinsteins, Tarantino and Rodriguez... I'm not entirely sure. It seems like a reasonable assumption. Rodriguez is going elsewhere for his next wave of projects, possibly his entire future career while Tarantino appears to be staying put. And there are an awful lot of people in my address book who insist Sin City sequels will never, ever happen, that the pieces of the puzzle simply won't fit together any more.

All rumours, as reputable as many of the mongers might be, but I definitely know what I believe.


Ronen said...

This is a guy who at one time turned down Zorro, X-Men, Superman, and James Bond.



Anonymous said...

This makes my head hurt. All I want is the double feature of grind house on one disc, and the extended cuts on another. How hard is that?

I really interested in the extended cut of deathproof because I felt it was really boring. Also the first group of girls story seemed pointless (hopefully the extended will prove that wrong.)

Brendon said...

If you found part one of Death Proof pointless in the short version, you'll still find it pointless in the long version. But longer.