Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trick'R Treat Trailer Description

The Trick'R Treat trailer is coming very soon and is currently being market tested. I was actually invited to take part in this online survey but it wouldn't agree with my Mac at the point the trailer was supposed to stream. Thankfully, Tyler got through the technological flaming hoop and has provided me with a full description.

It sounds great. I'm really expecting the best from this one. Here's my edit of Tyler's run-down:

The trailer opens with a small TV frame inside the widescreen frame with a black and white reel film playing by "Warner Educational Films". The reel shows kids trick or treating. A voice-over says:

"During the spookiest time of the year, there are some guidelines all ghosts and goblins should follow. Always stay on the sidewalks. Never go to a stranger's house. And never go out alone..."

As the last line finishes it echoes and a Little Red Riding Hood character walks across the black and white frame, which slowly turns to color and expands to the full 2.35 ratio. This is Anna Paquin. She looks over her shoulder, spooked at something, then turns around and screams.

The Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures logos come up.

There is a montage of quick shots that end with a hand pressing a doorbell and kids yelling "Trick or treat!"


Dylan Baker's voice is heard over footage of someone egging Brian Cox's house, saying "This is the one night that all sorts of things roam free." He is cutting the eye into a jack-o-lantern and pulls the knife out sharply. His kid (the kid from Bad Santa) looks startled, so he says "Sorry."


Kids saying "Trick or treat" trail off as a creaky door swings open ominously. Brian Cox screams "Help me!" Anna Paquin screams back.


There is a voice over from some unidentified character saying merely "The School Bus Massacre". We see a school bus filled with children, shot in sepia tone - as per the storyboards we saw some months back.

Two girls, one of which is Paquin, get their Halloween costumes. Paquin, as previously mentioned, is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. The other girl is dressed like the Disney Cinderella. Paquin says "What do we do now?", to which her friend replies "We get our dates."


Brian Cox yells "Get the hell out of my house!" at someone unseen on his lawn as he steps out onto his porch. His entire house is covered with jack-o-lanterns. There is a shot of Cox inside an old house (probably just his house).

Then there is another montage.


From here on, the song "Dead" by My Chemical Romance plays over the rest of the trailer and ends on the title lyric.

There are more montages, though nothing Tyler can be specific about - he only got one chance to see this trailer.


Brian Cox appears to be on a bed, acting afraid of something. A masked-thing pops up over the edge of the bed.

There is another shot of Cox in the entryway to his house and something is on the ceiling above his head crawling around.

A boy says dramatically to Paquin: "Look at me, it's not a trick, it's real!"

We see Dylan Baker covered in blood, stabbing something. Somebody comes to his door and offers him a knife, saying "Is this your knife?" He takes it back. "Happy Halloween," he says.

A monster roars. Brian Cox mumbles, "You've gotta be kidding me." The title comes up.

After the title card, a girl is in the backyard, doing laundry. "I hate Halloween." She goes to grab some sheets and something pops through them.

The last frame says OCTOBER.

Superb. I can't wait until this thing pops up - or, more to the point, until October and we get to see the full film.

Thanks to Tyler for sharing this with us.

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