Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wall-E Cast - UPDATED: Atkinson Out? Streisand In

[EDIT: This is all the result of a scooper seeing an inaccurate Apple RSS feed to update users of their new trailers. Apple have listed the cast of Mr. Bean's Holiday as the cast of Wall-E and a film ick reader supposed they had it right. Why wouldn't they? As this source is one of my best, I took their comments on face value - and as it happens, they were right, it's Apple that weren't. Either that or Apple were right too and, yes, Wall-E has the same cast as the Bean sequel]

You wouldn't know it from the trailer but the cast of
Wall-E includes Rowan Atkinson, Emma de Caunes and Willem Dafoe [EDIT: ...or not] - alongside Fred Willard, making the first live action appearance in Pixar history.

Spoilers follow. No idea who will be playing what, so far - but I'd take a wild shot at Emma de Caunes being the voice of the female robot and Atkinson and Dafoe perhaps playing humans in the later sequences - where there is some dialogue, eventually. Willard is definitely playing the CEO of the Buy'n'Large corporation, chief culprits in destroying the Earth.

[EDIT: To make up for the error at the heart of this post, here's a reminder that might well cheer you. Barbra Streisand is in Wall-E. Don't forget that astonishing fact]


AntoBlueberry said...

Are you sure about the casting? If it's true, it means that people at Pixar really enjoyed Mr. Bean's Holiday.

Brendon said...

Well spotted. So... what's going on?

Google the names and Wall-E and see what happens...