Sunday, June 24, 2007

Warhead: The Great Lost Bond Film

In 1977, Sean Connery was preparing to return as James Bond in Warhead, a film that he was not only producing, but had also co-written with Len Deighton. Now, some preproduction art and photographs have surfaced, along with plenty of plot details, and The Scotsman have a nice little story on the whole business.

Warhead was to feature Bond parachuting onto the Stature of Liberty, water-skiing down the Hudson River and fighting a robot shark in the New York sewers. I assume he also left the city that never sleeps, as Connery reportedly scouted a number of 'international locations'.

For the record, this was a Kevin McClory Bond, as per Never Say Never Again, and would never managed to get anywhere near Eon or the Brocollis and therefore, never become canon. But it does sound delightfully daft.

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Rich D said...

I find the book's author's surprise that someone actually had a copy of WARHEAD's script a bit hard to believe. I've had a copy for some time now and I'd bet I'm not the Bond fan this guy is.

Pity we had to wait until REMO WILLIAMS to see a fight on the Statue Of Liberty.

Still an interesting article.