Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Which Death Proof Is Set For UK Cinemas?

Death Proof has been passed by the BBFC for its UK theatrical release so, finally, there's a hard fast answer for how how long a cut we'll be getting (of course, there's still no concrete news about Planet Terror at all).

The 'good news' - and some people won't be pleased with this at all - is that the version of Death Proof released in the UK will run to 113 minutes and 32 seconds. The film was given an 18 certificate and passed without any cuts.

There's tree months until the currently scheduled release date, however.


Spot 1980 said...

Is the 113 minutes and 32 seconds version the version that is actually good? Cause I wouldn't mind seeing that version.

Come to think of it, an extended cut probably just means and additional twenty minutes of women's feet.

AntoBlueberry said...

It's the same version that was presented at the Cannes film festival and released here in Italy last week. There are some added scenes to the shorter version, namely Vanessa Ferlito doing a lapdance for Kurt Russell and a long introduction to the second half with Rosario Dawson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Tracie Thoms.

Brendon said...

From the moment I heard he was ditching twenty minutes of the script, way back when, I always hoped he'd put it back in.

And I'm very glad he has.

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with it as long as he ditches 20 minutes of the film to put those new 20 minutes in.
The car crashes are amazing, the dialogue goes in circles too much and the cinematography on those conversations provides little in the way of cutaway or emphasis on anything. The dialogue has so little conflict in it that it grows dull quickly. Perhaps I'm not meaning dialogue, but certainly the "conversation scenes" that don't include Kurt Russell. The dialogue that tries too hard and has no importance to the plot should be excised. I'm all for flavor in a film, but it doesn't work here.