Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Ideas

Rachael had a great idea for Movie Minesweeper posts. From now on, they're going to start with a quick list of all of the subjects covered within. This should mean all subscribers to the e-mail list can see at a glance what's within before clicking over to the site.

Anybody else have any ideas?

My two Film Workshop teams have shot their films now and we're editing a little before the premiere on Thursday at Somerville College, Oxford. From conception to completion, each film will have received only eleven hours of work. There have been several hours of theory in the classroom between - at least for the workshop members also on the Film Studies summer course - but, really, these were some very speedily created movies.

Amazingly, they're not bad at all and will get some good solid laughs, I'm sure. I'll post them here later this week, just to excite the students even more.


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Small idea/comment about usability - I was browsing the Internet on my PS3, I am amazed at how many sites work, java is fine, flash is fine, it's quite a novelty. But for some reason filmick doesn't work. I was only getting the poll down the side.

Make it work on my PS3 and make me happy! :)