Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Comic Book Movie Rumours Swatted?

Is the Alex Proyas/Silver Surfer story a dead end? How about Thomas Jane as The Comedian?

Two e-mails today about each. My favourite Proyas e-mail said "Google Rothman and Proyas", so I did, and there was a whole page of perfect reminders of just why Proyas won't be working at Fox any time soon. So, assuming there's truth to the Proyas rumour (it's been about a while, and I dare say it's based on something) we can remove the Surfer from the equation. Anybody got any idea which Marvel character he might be tackling instead?

For the Thomas Jane news, you can listen to him talking on Fanboy radio, in a new interview popped up this weekend. About a quarter of a way through he says there's no truth to the rumours that he's involved in Watchmen.

I dare say it will only be a matter of hours before we get the next breaks on these stories.


Neil said...

Over at Neil Gaimans site there's a link (posted below)to an LA Times article that has a couple of images from Beowulf... what d'you make of them? Not sure myself, doesn't really tell us much, except it's a damn site better than Polar Express... interested in your opinion.,1,4436117.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews&ctrack=5&cset=true

All the best. Really like the site.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing and hoping for a Proyas version of Dr Strange