Friday, July 06, 2007

Don't Believe It - Time For Tears

So, sadly, the Michel Gondry/Believe it or Not story appears to be a dead end. MTV approached Gondry's publicist and they denied he had any involvement. Truth be told, I wouldn't have any idea how to reach Michel's publicist, or I would have fired off an e-mail in the first place.

Now, if you're still feeling hopeful, cling on to this: he may be in talks and the publicist is playing semantic games to sidestep the issue. But I don't know why they'd issue a denial if he was. That'd be silly. Are you listening, Shia LaBouef?

I'm actually rather disappointed by this and so is my source.

He and I agree, though: somewhere along the line, something was going on and getting spoken about in Gondry circles.

I Googled about and found two corroborating reports - one of which actually turned out to be the IMDB pages for the film and director. Now, it is possible that my source's source was part of a chain that led to the news going up on Gondry's IMDB page, or, unfortunately, it is also possible that the IMDB page was the original source overall.

Ah, the IMDB. There's nothing like a nice reliable movie database with which to check your facts - and (hold your sides, they're going to split) the IMDB is nothing like a nice reliable movie database with which to check your facts. Which is why, generally, I don't have much to do with it.

The other report was on a Russian website. Hmmm. Possibly even less reliable than the IMDB? That's the reputatuon they have anyway.

I'm sad, but the story was nice while it lasted. It gave the Ripley movie a glimmer of hope. Now we can all divert our attentions back to the Blondie movie Michel has been developing, and hope and pray that, for some reason, Kirsten Dunst has to pull out and, say, Maggie Gyllenhaal has to step in.


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williamjutsum said...

So what would the storyline be of the Ripley movie. Has it been scripted?

Also Brendon i've been trying to email you, but they are getting returned. right?

Mark said...

I love Maggie, too, but couldn't see any producer backing her for Debbie Harry, when there's a Hollywood filled with blonde starlets. It'll go to someone uninspiring but blonde and capable. Y'know, Sienna Miller or suchlike.

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