Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The First Ever film ick Video Podcast - The 100 Films For My List Of 100 Directors

You should be able to subscribe to the new film ick video podcast in iTunes quite easily.

I'd like just an audio podcast, but I couldn't find free hosting - any suggestions?

Oh - and I know I typed This is Spinal Tap when I should have typed Rob Reiner. Silly me.


Sebastian said...

Vanilla Sky?! Ugh come on, a total copy of the spanish film? I realize its YOUR 100 list but meh, its the one that jumped out the most.

Brendon said...

Vanilla Sky is the most subversive film from the Hollywood studios since Vertigo. And it really isn't that similar to Open Your Eyes at all.

Plot isn't everything - and even the plot takes some very different turns.

kreepyglen said...

I really like filmick and its totally replaced my first base for movie gubbins....goodbye slack jawed aintitcool!

Cant say the the video podcast does much for me really though....

Keep up the good work!


Harmen said...

Strange...you sound exactly like i expected you to sound Brendon.

...and your lisp ain't that bad you know.

On to the films:

-David Cronenberg: No love for the fly?

-Walt Disney: you're sure that he directed that one? I thought Walt was always a producer for these films.

Harmen said...

And before i forget: great podcast really. Great work. I love it when you try these things.

Brendon said...

Re: Walt.

He's the commonly credited director on Snow White. David Hand was the day-in day-out director but, as I understand it, he was given no power of veto and was puppeteered by Disney quite extremely. This was their first feature, after all.

If Disney is to ever get a feature film directing credit, it would be this one.

As for The Fly - I love it. I just love Dead Ringers more.

And I limited myself to one film per director.

eternia1 said...

I don't think Walt should be on the list. Whether or not commonly credited, he is not officially credited, and lay out work is extremely important to animation. I think you should take him off. Your list is filled with "auteurs" and directors that can be defined. Snow White is not that kind of film. You say it was collaborative, which just reinforces my argument.
Your list follows a certain set of rules, and not being officially credited as director looks like a pretty good rules to follow. Walt is only credited on short films as director because it was the last kind of movies he was hands on with. He had creative involvement with Snow White, but he was extremely busy building a studio, and trying to sell the film to the nation. I honestly believe his name should be stricken and replaced with another choice. You can even get Jim Hill on this and get his opinion. Thanks for the time.

eternia1 said...

Oh by the way
Matinee is the reason I like the list. Sin City, eh, but Matinee makes up for it.
I like the video and "Adult Swim" word pops, it s a technique I like employ on my films. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Nice job!

Where´s Spielberg - Jaws and Ang Lee - Ice Storm?

Otherwise I´m almost with u.

Brendon said...

Regarding eternia1's comments: if this was officially a list of directors and not a list of films - which was the initial point - then I may have gone a different way.

Snow White stands, Disney was listed as a director almost irrelevently.

For the record, I'm no auteurist. All films are collaborative.

Well, almost.

Brendon said...

Jaws? Not in a month of Sundays. The Ice Storm? Maybe - in that month of Sundays.

Ankit said...

Love the podcast idea...moving on.....
i was skeptical about Peter Jackson being on the list of directors that you posted earlier(if u remember the comment)but i guess i hav to agree that 'Heavenly creatures' is among the best true life thrillers ever made....but Raimi for 'Spiderman 2'???...i mean the movie was great and i dare say it 'the perfect superhero movie' but thats just one movie and not enough to get your name on the list of top directors and Rodriguez for 'Sin City'...c'mon!!!!...the movie was intresting but not great.....you should read the Graphic novel,it was extraordinary and the movie.... far from it.

droidguy1119 said...

There were some choices I thought were silly but I've already forgotten them all. I'm very tired. The podcast is good but I guess one should have a choice between the text reporting and the tech reporting -- not that it's really a hassle at all, but given the choice between reading a website and listening/watching some video I'd rather just read it. Maybe just a subscribe link on the site and you can mention in the daily posts that you've made a podcast (mainly because it seems like if you put both on the site, then it would make the posts look somewhat redundant and I think people would automatically read the article instead of listening, even the ones not as lazy as myself). Not that I'm bashing the podcast or that I wouldn't subscribe ultimately but I prefer to have a choice and my easiest choice to be old fashioned text.

Brendon said...

Raimi and Rodriguez ended up there for two very different reasons, really.

Raimi simply because Spider-Man 2 is astonishing. And I do love the second Evil Dead dearly too.

Rodriguez... I had to choose a film of his, I plumped for Sin City. But it is really a representation of his body of work. Or most of it.

And I believe that Sin City set a new paradigm for film making that we'll so followed more and more as the years pass also.

Anonymous said...

I like the podcast format, Brendon, very cool.

Would be cool if we could all comment on it in audio as well.

Brendon said...

Maybe, when we're really cooking with gas here (that is, when people actually start visiting this site) I'll set up a voicemail number or something.

That would be excellent.

Mark said...

Yay for TWO LANE BLACKTOP, a favourite of mine since seeing it as a nineteen year old on a bootleg VHS. Of course, now it's out on DVD, I start to wonder, where the hell can I get a copy of COCKFIGHTER?

Brendon said...

I think the US Cockfighter DVD is out of print. Are there any more?

source188 said...

Straight Story for David Lynch ?!? odd choice, i think. i love the straight story, beautifully written and preciously made but for Lynch I would gone have with Mulholland Drive or Inland Empire.

Kieslowski should have definitely been on the list for the Double Life of Veronique or The Decalogue.

And no Michael Mann or Scorsese?!?!?!

i agree about Vanilla Sky, i love that film.

And why not Blade Runner for Ridley Scott, maybe because it's just too obvious?

cari said...

No Memento? Christopher Nolan has an amazing body of work, but that movie is classic.

Anonymous said...

Scorsese?! Come onnn... eat my shorts!