Monday, July 30, 2007

Incredible Hulk Rewritten By... Edward Norton?

According to SlashFilm, who might just have misheard this, Edward Norton wrote the script for The Incredible Hulk. I'm assuming this was a rewrite of Zak Penn's draft - if indeed, it happened at all. Across a crowded Comic-Con hall, amongst all of the hoo-ha, perhaps 'read' just sounded too much like 'wrote'? Or was it just a joke gone awry?

It's hard not to like Norton, to love him, even, but he certainly makes some odd choices from time to time. He's in plenty of bad films, and he's fought plenty of battles I, personally, would have taken the other side in, but he has strong beliefs, there's no doubt of that.

This face-paced new Hulk film apparently has a new take on the Hulk's origin, not upfront int he plot but 'unspooled' throughout the narrative. Interesting.

Edward Norton vs. Tim Roth. I can think of countless more appealing ways to stage that face-off, but I'll settle for a Hulk film, for now.


Anonymous said...

That's what all the other sites are reporting as well (CBR, IGN). Though IGN did say it was a rewrite.

Spot 1980 said...

Reminds me of how Norton supposedly "high-jacked" the editing process of American History X, and "stole" the film away from the director.

Mark said...

Yeah, Norton's got past history with this sort of craic, so I could believe it alright. I'll just reserve judgement until I see the final product. It'd be hard to make a bad movie with this casy, anyway. Interesting failure, maybe, but not bad. Unlike Ang Lee's boring failure.